A Periodontist, is a dentist who specialises in dealing with a number of different conditions which can affect your gums and the bone structures supporting the teeth. In any preventive practice, the prompt detection and treatment of gum disease is a high priority and is essential to securing the long-term health of your teeth. The treatment and control of gum disease not only secures a healthy mouth, but also makes a great contribution to your general health. Active gum disease is now known to influence the severity of a wide range of medical conditions, and its treatment and control will have a very beneficial effect on your general health.

A Periodontist can also provide aesthetic treatments, including coverage of exposed roots, caused by receded gum tissues. Periodontal crown lengthening can also be used to lengthen teeth where appropriate, which can significantly improve a “gummy smile”. Crown lengthening can be combined with re-shaping of the gum tissues, to produce better overall symmetry.

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